Animals animate any room. You do not have to buy a real one. A picture with a strong character is enough. Treat yourself to your favorite animal. Or one that gives you strength.

You like a work on this website especially well? Then please contact me. +41 79 403 06 83 or  Email.

Or let me conjure the soul of your animal on paper. This is also possible. Just read on:



All over the world, people are delighted by the vivid expression of their pet, which they would like to capture in a personal work.

And so mainly dog portraits* of me hang in living spaces all over Europe, plus New York, LA, Toronto and soon Tokyo.


My portraits are 21x26cm and look especially good with a mount in a 30x30 or 30x40cm frame. Prices range from CHF 300.- to 420.- (without frame).


*Of course, it can also be the favorite goat, horse or goldfish, etc..

  1. Make contact with me using the form. Then I can calculate the price with shipping costs.

  2. Send me some pictures of your animal by email, which show its character. Also your favorite picture.

  3. I will send you "work in progress" photos by email. Until that time you have absolutely no obligation to buy. If you don't like it, that's no problem. The portrait stays with me. If I like it, I'll finish drawing it for myself and can use it for my own purposes or resell it.

  4. If you like it, I am very happy and I will finish the portrait for you.

  5. You can pay with PayPal or bank transfer. After receipt of payment, the portrait goes on the same day on the post.

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Thank you