Sketch artist


Brand design and advertising professional




hat wearer

lives, works and lives at the edge of the forest

since 1995 own manufacture for brand effect
Chiocchetti® GmbH

All good things come in threes - that's also the case with me. They are the foundation of my work and enthusiasm, which I like to share.



Friends say: I am an exceptionally talented and gifted draftswoman.

I think: Talent helps, but actually I simply have far more than 6'500 drawing hours of experience compared to the untrained - and every day there are more. -> FLEISS


Sketching or drawing releases feelings of happiness and can be addictive. In any case, I can't keep my hands off it. I noticed that even as a child. I experimented with different techniques, from pencil to charcoal, tempera to oil.

Yes, and then there is the innate affinity for animals. I am infatuated with them, and I thank my parents at this point for heaps of patience and understanding. -> HEARTBLOOD


My career path took me from arts and crafts school to brand design and advertising professional. Once I landed there, I was still sketching layouts by hand. My big plus, which the computer supplanted almost overnight.

In recent years, I refreshed my craftsmanship with beastly vigor. Together with my developed sense for aesthetics and design, this still shapes me today. -> CREATIVITY